Caring for the special needs of extra-terrestrial Jewish living

Life in the Pod

Fear not. Everything required for Jewish life is included in the plans for the Chabad Pod, including a Torah scroll (micro-size), copies of Tanya (full size), multiple pairs of Teffilin, a mohel/kitchen knife and of course, Rebbe pictures.

The Chabad events you love on Planet Earth will exist very similarly on Planet Mars. There will be obscure Yartzeit kiddushes, Farbrengens year round, and regular Shabbatons. Of course we will hold regular Parsha programs (weekly) which will include complimentary food and drink. Please be patient, as at the beginning, the food supply might not be what you are used to, in terms of quantity and/or quality. Some of the alcohol we will drink will be recycled from our urine, but the engineers have assured me it will not be noticeable as many of the drinks we currently dabble in on Planet Earth already taste like urine.

A Chabad Pod would not be complete without a dedicated Rebbetzin, and we are proud to have an exceptional one on tentative contract. For all your needs, please feel free to contact her using the contact page.